Ageing population

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  • One in three adult kids are living at home because they can't afford to move out
  • 25% of men aged 25-29 now live with their parents

Ageing Population Negatives

  • More than 4.4 million homes needed by 2016
  • people haven't saved enough money- support through the benefit system
  • the 'grey' vote will favour elderly political views not the young
  • basic pension doesnt provide a good standard of living this means suffer from ill-health therefore greater burden on the health care system
  • working families are physically and mentally squeezed results in more sick leave to care for elders
  • Retirement age increased which blocks job opportunties for young people
  • sea side resorts may struggle to care for elderly needs
  • higher retirement age will result in more sick leave greater pressure on health care and tax system
  • social tensions in cities between old and young will increase
  • older people have a


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