Age Identities OCR

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How Age Helps Shape Identity

Sociologists observe that age is probably the only aspect of identity for which we will all experience changing effects. 

BRADLEY - Identified five major generational changes of identity in the UK:

  • Childhood
  • Adolescence 
  • Young adulthood
  • Middle age
  • Old age

Sociologists consequently argue that these major chronological changes of our lifes are socially constructed.


Childhood in the UK is regarded as special, innocent and vulnerable period in which the youngest members of society are generally protected by their parents and the state.

In other cultures, childhood may not be viewed as a period of innocence, for example Chinese culture. The Chinese don't regard childhood as a valuable thing. They value educational success the most, so therefore want their children to go to private schools and do really well.

POSTMAN - Argues that the period of childhood in the UK


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