Afghanistan nternational Conflict, Dates, Impacts (social, economic and environmental)

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International Conflict

Origin Of Confict

Conflict first began in times when the British owned India to create the British India, and when Russia was located just above Afgnaistan before the creation of the 'stans' such as Turkmenistan. Afghanistan then acted as a conflict buffer zone between the Communist Russia and Democratic India.

Before this there was already internal conflict between tribes native to Afghanistan, wish the Hindu Kush creating areas where tribes would form in isolation. Violence was and is common along the Silk Road through the Hindu Kush a very common travel route.

Timeline of events

  • 1979 Russia invades to create a secular communism state, Mujaadeen the opposition is backed by USA, Pakistan, China and Saudi which are now the extreme terroist groups such as Al Queda.
  • 1989 Red Army Invade
  • 1996 Taliban takes control, USA see this as terrorism
  • 2001 USA bombs
  • 2003 UN peacemakers
  • 2005 New parliament enters make up of war lords, Northern Alliance
  • 2006 NATO heads security, suicide bombings, monetoops etc..
  • 2014 elections inconcusive, Ghani is president, Obama puts troops back in


1978 Forest cover has been halved due to a higher dependance on fire wood as primary energy and a reduction in Afghanistan and Pakistan has created a greater reliance on primary energy.

Only 6% of the Afghan community has access to electricity due to the conflict destroying major infastructure in major cities. It is clear that


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