Aetiologies of Schizophrenia PLAN

  • Introduction 

-mental disorder

-positive, negative and secondary 

  • Twins (genetics) 

-Rosental (identical quadruplets)


-learned their behaviours

-case study, can't generalise

  • Family studies

-parent had an identical twin= 17% chance

-first cousins 2%

-seperate genes and environment 

  • Adoption Studies

-children with high CCR with birth family (genetics

-adopted- environment

-Tienari; 164 adoptees (bioligcal mum had depression- 6.7% also)

-environment and genes work together 

  • Concordance rates 

-joseph; MZ treated similarily CCR reflect this

-CCR higher for non identical than siblings, share the same environment

-in environment/ special about twins

-genes did cause it- expect 100% CCR but it's


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