Aetiologies of Depression PLAN

  • Introduction

-low emotional state

-sadness, lack of energy/ self worth, guilt

  • Genetics 

-5% have depression

-Mcguffin et al; 177 twins (46% identical, 20% faternal)


-Gershon; 1st degree relative 2-3 times higher than population 

  • Issues with twins and family 

-seperate nature v nurture

-sharing environment

  • Adoption studies

-Wender; biological relatives 7 times more likely 

-cannot generalise

-adopted very motivated 

  • Wihelm et al 

-150 autralian's

-negative life events linked to depression

-short short form of serotonin transporter gene more vulnerable 

  • Egeland et al 

-studies Amish

-high level of bipolar


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