Aerobic Respiration Vs. Anerobic Respiration

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Aerobic Respiration.

The chemical reactions inside cells are controlled by enzymes.

During aerobic respiration (respiration that uses oxygen) chemical reactions occur that...

  • use glucose and oxygen
  • release energy  

Aerobic respiration takes place continuously in both plants and animals. Most of the reactions take place in the mitochondira in the cytoplasm of cells

Energy that is released during respiration may be used...

  • to build larger molecules from smaller ones.
  • to allow muscles to contract
  • to maintain a steady body temperature
  • to build up amino acids from sugars, nitrates and other nutrients, which then combine to form proteins (Plants)

Aerobic respiration is summerised by this:

glucose + oxyegn -> Carbon dioxide + water + energy


During exercise a number of changes happen


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