Aeneid book summaries 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 (VERY BRIEF!)

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Book 1

1.Muse Invocation

2.Juno’s anger brings storm

3.Neptune calms storm

4.Venus complaining to Jupiter brings prophecy

5.Aeneas and Achates meet with Venus

6.Venus conveys them safely to Carthage in mist

7.In Temple of Juno they meet Dido and rest of men

8.Venus disguises Cupid as Ascanius

Book 2

1.Sinon manipulates Trojans over Wooden Horse

2.Death of Laocoon and sons by sea-serpents confirms to Trojans doing right thing

3.But realise wrong thing when Troy is sacked

4.Aeneas rejects advice of Hector’s ghost and plunges into fighting

5.Sees death of Priam and Polites in the palace

6.Venus stops Aeneas killing Helen and shows him gods are reason for destruction of Troy

7.2 Omens; Aeneas manages to get father to leave

8.Disappearance and ghost of Creusa

9.Aeneas and followers leave Troy

Book 4

1.Dido’s struggle to control infatuation

2.Anna and gods persuade Dido to give in

3.Juno and Venus plot marriage in a cave

4.Rumour tells Iarbas who prays to Jupiter

5.Jupiter sends Mercury to urge Aeneas to leave; second time more urgent as Dido madder

6.Dido hears from Rumour and appeals to Aeneas to stay; asks Anna to do same

7.Dido’s infatuation turns to madness

8.Dido curses Aeneas, Trojans and future Romans

9.Suicide of Dido, Anna’s grief

10.Juno sends Iris

Book 6

1.Arrival in Italy, visit to Sibyl and prophecy


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