Advantages and Disadvantages of V.E

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  • Can fit well with a variety of philosophies e.g. humanist view -holds there is no god but humanity hold its own keys to success therefore should develop our skills to be better people. Secondly harmonise with Christianity  especially with the view of living in same as Christ prime example of virtue and of developing faith.
  • System is very easy to understand be be applied because doesn't require a complex system of  judging likely out comes of one's action e.g Hedonic calculus of Utilitarianism
  • V.E is based on welfare of whole community therefore good way for people to live together without anyone imposing on anyone else.
  • Looks to actual examples of virtuous people therefore it is not unrealistic as have attainable targets aim to achieve something people generally usually want Eudaimonia.
  • Holistic view of human nature. Reason is applied through phronesis , but unlike Kant, the emotions are not ignored, as virtue ethics is holistic (includes emotion in the building of character). To Aristotle  ( eudaimonia) is the final rational goal, and reason tames and moralises the desires and appetites of the irrational part of our soul.


  • McIntyre criticism of Golden Mean as doesn't work for every type of virtue  many virtues are not a at midway point between two extremes where an excess of the would be a bad thing some virtues are inherently good. e.g. loyalty and compassion.


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