(additional) biology: B1- understanding organisms

Blood Pressure - 

  • high blood pressure can cause blood vessels to burst. This can cause damage to the brain, which is more commonly known as a 'STROKE'. Its can also cause damage to the kidneys.
  • Low blood pressure can lead to dizziness and fainting as the blood supple to the brain is limited and reduced therefore there is poor circulation amonngst the other parts of the body suhc as teh fungers and toes. 
  • systolic pressure is the maximum pressure that the heart produces 
  • diastolic pressure is the blood pressure between the heartbeats.

Blood pressure can be increased due to - 

  • stress, high alcohol intake, smoking and being overweight

blood pressure can decreased by -

  • regular exercise, and eating a balanced diet.

Fitness and Health - 

Fitness is the ability to do physical activity

health is being free from diseases such as those caused by bacteria and viruses.

Fitness can be measured through these factors - 

  • strength - by


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