Act Four- A Woman Of No Importance

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Takes place in Mrs. Arbuthnot's sitting room. Gerald is writing a letter. Lady Hunstanton and Mrs. Allonby are shown in by the maid. There is some conversation about Mrs. Arbuthnot's good taste and then Gerald says he has given up the diea of being Lord Illingworth's secretary, as their views in life are too different. The main announces that Mrs. Arbuthnot cannot see anyone as she has a bad headache. Lady Hunstanton and Mrs. Allonby go and Gerald, after wondering what name he can sign to his letter, puts it in an envelope as Mrs. Arbuthnot enters. Gerald says he has asked Lord Illingworth to come to the house at frou o'clock and that he will not be going with him. His mother says he shall not come into her house. Gerald says that he has written him a letter telling him he must


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