Act and Rule utiltaranism

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Act Utiltaranism

An act utiltaraian says that in each individual situation, the principle of utility should be applied

This means the rightness or wrongness of every singleindividual act must be considered based on whether or not the consequences result in happiness.

Therefore in one situation an act may be considered as moral, but in another situation it may be considred morally wrong.

For example murded is an act where an act utiltarain could decide it is morally right or wrong. So for example in one situation if a person could kill 10 people to save 100 people, then in this situation as the end, would result in the most happiness being produced than the act utiltarain would deem this as morally right. Whereas if the situation was revered the act utiltarain would see murder as morally wrong.

Bentham was an act utiltarian.

Rule Utiltaranism

This form of…


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