Act 4 Scene 1

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  • Orlando is late for his meeting with Rosalind
  • Rosalind explains women's behaviour throughout marriage
  • Celia weds Orlando and 'Rosalind'

Analytical Questions (PEAL):

1. In this scene we learn that Jaques quite fancies himself being melancholy. He has a 'melancholy of mine own' which proves that he thinks himself quite special and unique comapred to other melancholy 'fellow[s]'. He also defines himself as a 'traveller' with 'experience' but this only proves that he has 'rich eyes and poor hands' according to Roaslind. She therefore thinks he has 'great reasons to be sad'. Jaques doesn't seem to be sad about being melancholy, but happy and proud to be seen as a 'melancholy fellow'. 

2. Rosalind explains to Orlando about women's faults…


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