Act 3 Scene 6

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  • Silvius is so deeply in love with Phebe that he doesn't see her for what she is.
  • He is presented as completely lovestruck
  • Phebe does not pity Silvius but falls for Ganymede.
  • Rosalind chides at Phebe

Analytical Questions (PEAL):

1. How is Silvius presented in this scene?

Silvius is in this scene portrayed as completely lovestruck. The repetetition of 'Phebe' shows that he is absolutely obsessed with Phebe and can only think of her. Rosalind explains that Solvius has fallen in love with Phebe's 'foulness' for she is not very pleasant at all and explains that Silvius is in love with her despite her rudeness. This is similar to how Phebe falls for Ganymede.

2. How is presented in this scene?

Phebe is here presented as rude and pitiless. She tells Silvius 'I fly thee for I would not injure thee', meaning she doesn't want to hurt him…


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