Act 2 Scene 7

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  • Jaques talks about fools
  • He has met Touchstone in the forest
  • Jaques wants to become a fool
  • Orlando comes in, sword in hand, and demands food
  • The Duke invites him to eat with them
  • Orlando goes to get Adam and they eat together
  • Jaques has his speech about life and aging
  • Amiens sings a song (juxtaposition)

Analytical questions (PEAL):

1. How does Jaques feel about his meeting with Touchstone?

Jaques feels excited about meeting Touchstone, but slightly jealous. He too wants to become a fool. He compliments Touchstone for his 'good set terms', hence he has elegant and precise language. He seems suprised by this however because he adds, 'yet a motley fool'. Motley was the type costumes worn by fools who worked for great families. Jaques comments on his 'wise' language and states that Touchstone is a 'deep-contemplatove', 'noble', and 'worthy' fool. These are all great compliments, especially for a fool who, though regarded a profession and worthy of being associated with higher class people, was a profession of lower class. Jaques wants to become a fool; 'O that I were a fool! He says this with a tone of agony and longing; 'I am ambitious for a motley coat'. Hence, though Jaques is happy to meet Touchstone in the woods - for they have an ambitious conversation and he 'did laugh', he seems painfully jealous of Touchstone.

2. How is Orlando presented in this scene?

Orlando is being represented differently in this scene compared to the previous scenes he's been in. He first appears gruesome as he comes storming into Duke Senior;s camp shouting 'Forbear, and eat no more!'. The exclamation mark shows that Orlando is threatening as well as violent because he comes in 'with sword drawn…


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