Act 1 Scene 2

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  • Rosalind's father has been banished from the court.
  • Celia (her cousin) tries to cheer her up
    • close sisterly relationship
  • Touchstone (a fool/jester) uses pancakes as a metaphor
  • LeBeau (courtiers) introduces wrestling
  • Orlando fights Charles
    • Orlando is disliked by Duke Frederick becuase of his father
    • Orlando is sent away from court
    • He falls in Love with Rosalind

General Understanding:

1. The relationship between Celia and Rosalind is close - like sisters

2. Rosalind is unhappy becuase her father (Duke Senior) has been banished from court by her uncle (Duke Frederick).

3. Celia attempts to comfort her by playing 'housewief Fortune'.

4. Celia and Rosalind tell Duke Frederick that they will stay to watch th wrestling abd that Orlando looks young - yet successful.

5. Rosalind and Orlando fall…


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