Acquisition of the south; Garibaldi

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  • Garibaldi was angry at the fact his hometown, Nice, was being handed over to France
  • he wanted to do everything in his power to prevent this from happening, he planned on blowing up ballot boxes just to stop voting
  • but many of his followers from The Thousand notified him about a revolution in Sicily which ocurred in April 1860
  • he agreed to help acquire the south because he favoured Italian unification
  • he and his Thousand landed in Sicily 11th May 1860
  • Cavour thought nothing of this so far, he assumed they would fail because they lacked any real military tactics and men and he refused to give them any equipment
  • while Garibaldi was sailing to the south, the British navy did not attack him because they were mistakenly under the impression that he was under British protection
  • The Thousand soon increased in numbers to about 3000
  • once they all got in Sicily and settled…


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