Acids and Bases a VERY BASIC intro (PART 1: ACIDS) AS level chemistry OCR A

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Let’s start off with acids..

Here are some things you might already know, or may have forgotten (or didn’t even bother learning but still managed to pass cus you’re fricking **** like dat);

-        -  In solution, with water, acids give a pH of less than 7.. they are acidic (well DUH)

-          Common acids you should learn off by heart for your AS course include:

  • Sulfuric acid H2SO4
  • Hydrochloric acid HCL
  • Nitric acid HNO3

Some pointless fun (not really) facts, that may or may not be relevant.. (YOU NEVER KNOW..)

-          Sulphuric acid the battery acid used in cars

-          Hydrochloric acid is the acid your stomach uses to digest food

So thinking back to about 5 seconds ago, did you notice something that ALL the acids had in common – in regards to…


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