accounts of religious experiences

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Cases of religious experiences

most common features of these events; totally unexpected, overwhelming & life-changing

The Call of Jeremiah

"the word of the lord came to me, saying...'i appointed you as a prophet to the nations'.." Jeremiah 1:4-10

The Transfiguration

"after six day Jesus took Peter, James and John with him & led them up a high mountain..he was transfigured before them..a cloud appeared & enveloped them ..voice came from the cloud..'this my son whom i love'.." Mark 9:2-8

Julian of Norwich

when 30 y/o Julian suffered a severe illness-nearly died. during illness recieved series of visions of the Passion of Christ and the love of God.  Following this experience, became anchoress at St Julian's, spent remainder of life in praye & meditation, offering comfort & advice to those who came to her window.

 over course of 20yrs, Julian reflected on meaning of her visions & wrote down account of this.

Julian puzzled over question 'what was our Lord's meaning?' at end of long journey she recieved answer;

' i was taught that love is our lord's meaning..'

The First Revelation to Muhammad

Muhammad often used to meditate in cave near Makkah, where found peace & quiet he needed.    Cave was…


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