Account: Battle of Hastings.


Write an account on the Battle of Hastings:

William landed on in the South whilst Harold was still up North after the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The Normans invasion was delayed by bad weather. By the end of September William was able to cross the English Channel. The Norman fleet landed at Pevensey Castle on the Sussex Coast on September 28th 1066. William chose it as his base to raid the local area. Meanwhile Harold was still in the North. When he heard about the invasion he set off towards London again, covering 200 miles in a week. Harold's housecarls travelled with him. He gathered an army in London and gave orders for more soldiers to assemble in Sussex. Harold's advisors thought he should wait, but Harold refused.

Harold arrived near Hastings on 13th October. Despite Harold's hasty arrival, William knew that he was coming so there was no chance of catching the Normans off guard. At dawn on 14th October, the Normans marched out to meet Harold's army, who were camped near Senlac Hill.

Harold's army assembled a sheild wall along


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