Abuses and Criticisms of the Church


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQP4cYSUn_c 

Canterbury Tales – Geoffrey Chaucer, 1387

-          Very critical of the church

-          Pardoner’s Tell

-          Trickster makes money by selling relics (indulgences)

Simony - selling official positions

  • Pope sold 24 offices in one year

  • Occurred when priest enjoyed income of a rich parish

Nepotism - promotion of member of one’s family to important positions

  • Cardinal Wolsey's son - Provost of Beverly Minister and Dean of Wells


  • Not being in your diocese

  • Wolsey - Archbishop of York - didn’t enter for 16 years

Ignorance - uneducated, many clergy were uneducated in their position


  • Holding more than one title

  • Wolsey - Cardinal, Archbishop of York, Legatus


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