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Abraham is often called the Father of Judaism. He is certainly one of the most important people for the Jewish people.

Life History : Abram or Abraham as he was later called, was brought up in the small town of Ur of the Chaldees. There, along with everyone else, he worshiped the many gods who were believed to have control over the different parts of nature. There Abraham encountered the One God who seemed to have control over not only the whole of nature but history as well. This same God was willing to enter into a special relationship (covenant) with Abraham and his descendants.

No-one is quite sure how, or when, Abraham stopped believing in many gods and came to believe in the one God. The time and place however are not important. What matters is that Abraham's experience marked the beginning of the Jewish nation, and Jews today speak, with great fondness, of 'Our Father Abraham' (Avrham Avinu)

Although his experience cannot be dated


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