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Five pounds fifty in change, exactly,
a library card on its date of expiry.

'a library card' suggests lonliness and isolation, a reader

'expiry' sugeests finality and a natural end

becuase of the sugested death, 'exactly' creates an idea than this man had come to a natural and therefore had commited suicide and this had been premeditated & planned

A postcard stamped,
unwritten, but franked,

means of communication, had gone through the postal system but had no message

a pocket size diary slashed with a pencil
from March twenty-fourth to the first of April.

suggests premeditated death, a certain week when thigns came to a natural end had been chosen?

'first of April', april fools day? or maybe dislikes april fools day

A brace of keys for a mortise lock,
an analogue watch, self winding, stopped.

something locked away, could be a symbol for something locked away inside of him e.g. love, a secret

the watch has been stopped, again things come to a natural end, hasn't wound the watch up for the next day, premeditated death-suicide?

A final demand
in his own hand,

'demand' suggests suicide, like a will but the word demand suggests force, no choice, possibly conditions?

'own hand', dual meaning, held in his hand or in his handwriting

a rolled up


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