Abortion and Religion- Applied Ethics- Sanctity Of Life

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Sanctity Of Life

  • a phrase used by many religious believers when talking about human life. They use it to mean that life is sacred, god given and worthy of the highest respect, therefore everything must be done to preserve human life. Destruction by any means is worng.
  • Biblical quotes in support of the sanctity of life:
  •  - 'God created human beings making them to be like himself' -Genisis 1:27 - If humans are made in the image of God then to harm them is like harming God himself.
  • -' I was born with nothing, and i will die with nothing. The Lord gave and the Lord has now taken away' - Jobs 1:21- a clear statement that God alone has the power to create and end life. For humans to interfer is wrong and an attempt to 'play God'



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