Abortion and Euthanasia Legislation

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1861 OFFENCES AGAINST THE PERSON ACT - depicts procuring a miscarriage as a criminal act.

1929 INFANT PRESERVATION ACT - allowed the preservation of the mother's life as reason for a termination.

1967 ABORTION ACT - introduced by politician David Steel: stated that two doctors must agree that an abortion is necessary ( woman's health is threatened, existing children would be harmed or high risk baby would be disabled.

1990 EMBRYOLOGY ACT - clarified the rule about two doctors and reduced the legal limit for an abortion from 28 weeks to 24 weeks. Abortion can only happen after this point to save the mother. It also removed the time restrictions for a fetus aborted due to an abnormality.


- conscience of the medical practioner, may conscientiously object.

- conflict between what is seen as 'sinful' and 'lawful'

- the law is based on establishing reasons to justify but this is just one ethical approach (consequential).

- does the abnormal fetus not have the same rights as ordinary fetus and who decides…


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