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Abortion and euthanasia are the most controversial topics faced by the world today, people hold different views about them some are in favour whilst some are against it. In this coursework I will try to explain the different views about the abortion and euthanasia and will end all this by stating my own opinion on what I feel about abortion and euthanasia.

 First let us look at abortion:

 Abortion can be defined as:

 “Premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb either done by operation or by medication”

The meaning of abortion is quiet clear from its definition. As far as different views are concerned mostly all sects of Christianity are against the concept of abortion, there are humanitarian groups which are in favour of it, they have their own views which are totally different then the religious views, if we look at what different groups think we will find out that there is equal acceptance and opposition on the concept of abortion. The different views are given below:


Catholic Truth Society greatly oppose abortion, they give their reason as:

‘We have been created by the almighty God in his own image and likeness. No pregnancy is unplanned because no baby can be conceived unless almighty God intends that conception and has willed that particular unique and completely individual new person into existence. What has actually happened in our society is that clever arguments has convinced those with no anchor of belief in God to cling to, that merciless slaughter of unborn babies is morally unjustifiable, and even essential for the happiness of the individual and good of the society’

The Catholic trust says that the conception of baby is due to will of God and a human being has no right to kill that baby, it is ethically unacceptable and morally wrong. Life Campaign activist believe that:

‘Since human life begin at conception i.e. fertilisation, and since all human life should be equally protected by the law from conception to natural death, whether or not human being concerned is wanted or handicapped it follows that destruction of unborn life is always wrong.’


According to Life Campaign after conception foetus is a living thing and its right to live should not be taken away.

In Favour:

The groups in favour of abortion are mostly…


Miss KHP


Whenever you answer questions such as on abortion, you need to be thinking about both points of view, so have a read of this and grab a few ideas!

You can also test youself to check your own progress.

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