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What Aquinas would have to say about ABORTION?

The embryo has as much right as the mother. Catholics believe life starts from conception.

Abortion goes against the 6th Commandment - Thou shall not kill.

Abortion goes against the primary precepts - Preservation of life and Reproduction. Although not considered a contraceptive device it can be seen as one - just as the pill is to a catholic believer - abortion.

It also goes against the precept Order in Society - the more people having abortions the more abortions will be made and will not keep order.

God decides when it is time to die. 

Real and Apparent goods - the real good is to allow life to take place the apparent is to kill it  in order for it to be convenient for the woman.

Double effect – if the mother is in pain then the baby can be aborted.




What A UTILITARIAN would have to say about ABORTION:

Benthem (act)- Hedonic Calculus, what’s the certainty it will cause pleasure? How long will it be for? But you must measure for EVERYONE involved. Including embryo. 

Principle of Utility: Greatest good for greatest number - Minorities ignored - Man and Woman want abortion - they would not consider the baby as it is not the greatest number however




There aint any case studies, if you know any please can you tell me as i know none.

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