A sustainable City-Curatiba

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Recycling Schemes

Two categories- organic +inorganic

Recycle Tin, Paper and bottles

New cans can be made for a fraction of the cost.

Costs the same as old landfill scheme

More jobs available (also for immigrants and disables)

Library made from books in recycling

Museum of old objects

Solution of the Parks

More green space

Reduced impact of flooding

Disused factories turned into sports halls/ facilitates

Building, fills spaces and therefore reduces slums.

Skyscrapers have a max height

Once this height is reached they must fund a new green space as well as buying their extra floor.

Intergrated Transport

Bus lanes in city centre

Red-Express (few Stops)

Orange-Carry from outside to red stops

Green-Carry from suburbs to red stops

Grey-Many more…


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