A2 virtue ethics

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virtue ethics: excellence

agent-centred, not concerned with the act (deontology) or the consequences (teleology) but on the development of a person

Eudaimonia: Human flourishing- the highest thing you can aim for. a balance within the soul (reason is the executive deciding when to act upon emotions through a balanced appetite)

  • 3parts: happiness as enjoyment
  • happiness as a free member of society
  • happiness as a philospher (thinker)

The Golden Mean: the mid point between the vice of defiency and the vice of excess (emotions shouldnt get in the way) EG vice of defiency cowardice, the MIDPOINT courage, the vice of excess rashness

Habituation: practice makes perfect- the more you are virtuous the easier it becomes to be virtuous (holistic approach)

Role Models: Aristotle recommended…


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