A2 SOCIOLOGY- Locality and crime detailed notes

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A2 SOCIOLOGY- Locality and crime detailed notes


  • ü  The patterns of crime in urban and rural areas
  • ü  Marshal and Johnson (2005)
  • ü  Shaw and Mc Kays: The ecology of crime- the Chicago School
  • ü  The Zone transaction
  • ü  Evaluation of Ecological theory
  • ü  Case study by **** Hobbs : “Night time economy” 

·         Ecological theory is closely related to both functionalism and sub cultural theory in that residence of inner-city areas are most likely to experience blocked opportunities and subsequent strains and anomie

·         Delinquent subcultures focused on territorial street gangs are most likely to emerge from inner cities for their search for status.

·         Illegitimate structures are most likely to be available in inner cities

What do official statistics say about Locality and crime?

1)    From official statistic, it shows that recorded crime is not evenly distributed between geographical areas.

2)    Crime is higher in urban areas such as inner cities or council estates compared to rural areas/suburb cities/towns.

3)    British crime Survery and police records show that rural areas compared to urban areas have

·         Have lower rates of all types of crime (like vandalism/vehicle related theft/burgulary

·         Have a lower proportion of people with light levels of worry/fear about crime

·         Have low levels of perceptions by people of high levels of antisocial behavior in their area (noisy neighbors/teenagers hanging around/drinking& drugs in public places)

Marshal and Johnson (2005) anxiety/worry about all crime types is less in the rural area compared to urban

·         Rural resistance see themselves less likely to be victims of crime than those in urban area.

·         Show that rural areas have a higher risk of burglaries among the high-incrom hoseholds than


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