A2 Psychology (AQA) - Studies for Aggression (neural and hormonal factors)

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Neural and hormonal Factors in aggressive behaviour

Mann et al (1990) gave 35 healthy participants a drug called dexfenfluramine, known to deplete serotonin. Using an aggression and hostility questionnaire, they tested the participants both before and after taking the drug- an increase in aggression was recorded in males, but there was no change in females.                 -Very small sample size, which reduces the studies generalisability to other people.

Raleigh et al (1991) studied vervet monkeys fed on experimental diets, of a) food high in tryptophan, or b) foods low in tryptophan. Levels of serotonin went up in those that ate more tryptophan, and went down in those that ate less. Those with decreased serotonin levels were more aggressive than those with higher serotonin levels.                                                                                                                        - we cannot apply results found that are based on animals, to humans.


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