A2 Psychology (AQA) - relationship maintenance

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Reasons for relationship breakdown

Lack of skills - poor interpersonal skills such as being unable to maintain a conversation, and are poor at indicating interest in a person are likely to be unrewarding to be with. The lack of interpersonal skills can be mistaken for a lack of interest in the relationship, resulting in breakdown early on.

Lack of stimulation - boredom in a relationship, or belief that the relationship isn't developing is often quoted when relationships break off. People expect relationships to develop- and when they don't, it is seen as a justification to nd the relationship, or begin a new one (have an affair).
  In men, lack of sexual excitement, boredom, and poor variety can be reasons that they might consider an affair, whereas in women it is more likely to be lack of attention, or emotional dissatisfaction.

Maintenance difficulties - this applies to times when people in a relationship don't see each other enough. Students going to university, for example, are unable…


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