A2- Othello's Racism Quotes and Essay Plan.

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It could be argued that Othello is a play about class and racial prejudice.

  The colors of "black and white" creates a symbolic and metaphoric meaning contributing to the issue of racial prejudice" 

Here is some quotes that shows racism:

  • "what a full fortune does the thick lips owe." 
  • "he'll have his daughter covered with Barbary horse, you'll have your nephews neigh to you." 
  • "making beasts with two backs."
  • "an old black ram tupping your white ewe." 
  • Iago refers to Othello's "blackness."
  • Gets called "The Moor" 58 times in the play.
  • "If she be black, and there to have a wit, she'll find white in her blackness."
  • "Nature erring from itself."
  • "Florentine." Cassio is a foreigner.

-Critics argue that "One have had to live through the experience of a black man man in a racist society


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