A2 Othello- Tragic Hero? Quotations.

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"Othello is a convential tragic hero."

A tragic hero’s fatal flaw is called hamartia.

Othello as a tragic protagonist according to Aristotelian theory. However he is a hero in the conventional sense.

Shakespeare knew that an Elizabethan audience would be very prejudiced and would have associated a Moor with brutality, ignorance , evid and immorality.


  • Othello's poetic speech. "Othello Music."
  • Othello is respected and valued. "here comes the valiant moor"
  • Act 5.2.:  "It is the cause, It is the cause, my soul!."
  • "Yet i'll not shed her blood, nor scar that whiter skin of hers."
  • "When i plucked the rose, i cannot give it


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