A2: Othello Passivity of Women quotes.

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"The greatest tragedy of 'Othello' is the passivity of it's women in the play."


  • Women viewed as trophy and prostitutes. "you rise to play and go to bed to work." // They lack importance and power. Not equal to men in power, size nor stature.
  • "I am hitherto your daughter: but here's my husband." Possession of her father before now to her husband: submitting to new master.
  • "To you i'm bound to life and education."/ "I do perceive a divided duty."
  • "Cunning whore of Venice." : Puts her in great misery.
  • "wretched fate."
  • "nobody, I myself."
  • "My Lord."
  • "If i do die before thee, pr'ythee shroud me in those same sheets." 
  • Emilia: "I…


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