A2- Othello- Impact of Iago.

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"Iago demands the audience's complicity: We cannot help being fascinated by him."

In Othello, Shakespeare has created this heinous villain character that intrigues the audience. We are fascinated by him throughout the play for he is an incredibly charismatic character: He is witty, intelligent and villainous yet we are somehow charmed by him. This is because, he makes the audience an ear as he plots his cunning plans and tells us what we are about to witness. He has done this in many ways, especially his soliloquies where he confides to the audience directly with reference to form, language and structure.

Iago is on the stage which shows that he is a dominant character and from there onward he dictates action.

  • “call up her father, rouse him, make after him, poison his delight, and proclaim him on the streets”. - shapes all events about to come./ takes control of the plot.
  • “Though I do hate him as I do hell’s pains.” Not sure


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