A2 OCR Crime & Deviance - Geographical Location & Crime

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Geographical Location & Crime

The geographical location of crime leads to the statistical evidence that according to Official Crime Statistics (OCS), the majority of crime takes place in inner city and urban areas.

Shaw & McKay - created to 'Concentric Zone Model' to illustrate the movement and patterns of crime that they found in Chicago. The zone work as rings within big major cities (such as London or New York) with zone 1 being the very centre that is characterised by white collar workers and high end business, where zone 2 called the 'transition zone' is characterised by high crime rates and poverty.

Evidence; Wilson goes further into this theory and created the 'broken window theory' where if an area is particularly 'run down' and features perhaps broken windows and litter, then it encourages others to deviant acts as the appearence suggests than no one cares. This in…


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