A2 General Studies: Media and Communication

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Media and Communication

Exam Themes

  • Processes and effects of the media and communication industries
  • Similarities and differences between various media
  • Ownership, control and censorship of the media
  • How the media influence opinion and people's lives; the power of language and images
  • The creation of wealth and exercise of power in the media and communication industries
  • Moral issues arising from the activity of the media
  • Current developments within media and communications
  • The influence of market forces on the media
  • The impact of global broadcasting and journalism

The Nature of the Media

Current Developments Within Media

Driving forces behind the mass media are technology and profit. Media owners want to maximise profit and so must use the latest techniques if they are to attract and hold audiences. As new forms of media develop, older forms must adapt or fall out of use. The media always respond to technical change. The development of radio and television, which can provide immediate news, forced national newspapers to find new roles as commentators rather than simply reporters. New local radio stations in the 1960s challenged the existence of the local press, making it focus more on advertising than news. Local radio also led to a completely new style of national broadcasting. New technologies continue to face the existing media with new challenges.

The Power and Influence of the Media

How does the media influence us?

People who claim that the media influences our thinking and lifestyle say that this is achieved in several ways. For example, news reporters:

  • shape our world view by selecting what news to present
  • influence our opinions by the emphasis given to different stories
  • allow editorial bias to distort stories
  • use language and images to create and reinforce


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