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3.4.8 Amino acids

Acid and base properties

·         Since there is an acidic (COOH) and basic group (NH) , amino acids can act as bases and acids and so they are amphoteric. They can also form salts with acids and bases

·         When you add OH-, it reacts with the –COOH group to form –COO-

·         When you add H+, it reacts with the NH2 group to form -NH3+

·         In a zwitterion- there are 2 charged functional groups (i.e. -COO- and -NH3+). Amino acids exist as zwitterions is solid state/in solution

·         Amino acids dissolve readily in water and are white crystalline solids at room temperature since the  ionic bonds between zwitterions are very strong

o   Stronger than vdw between regular amines/carboxylic acids

·         Due to the asymmetric central carbon…


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