A2 Psychology


Psychodynamic Approach

A01- Key Assumptions

Sigmund Freud - psychoanalytic theory suggest minds made of 3 parts

1 Conscious -> information we are aware of

2 Pre-conscious -> not currently aware of this information but it can be accessed

3- Unconscious -> not aware of this information n cannot be accessed- biological drives and instincts

& Tripartite Structure of Personality

ID- pleasure principle - instant pleasure and gratification 

EGO - reality principle - mediator between SE and ID

SUPEREGO -morality principle -  internalized perception of what's right and wrong 

ID = 0 -present / EGO = 2-present / SE = 5-present 

A02 - Structures

5 Psychosexual Stages - child has to resolve each stage to move onto next/ if not then it's carried onto adult life (focus of pleasure onto consequence of unresolved conflict)

1- Oral 0-1y -> mouth/mum's breast... smoking, sarcastic

2- Anal


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