A1 Decomposition


A1 Decomposition 

The breakdown of a complex problem in to smaller problems and solving them individually. 

Identifying and describing problems and processes 

Every computer program is made up of a number of processes or actions. Before an app can be written, the problem to be solved and the processes inside the app need to be identifies. The first step in decomposition involves identifying and describing the problem and the processes required to solve it. 

Example – You are designing an app to allow builders tp price jobs 

  1. List of outputs needed for this app 

  • Date 

  • Cost of materials 

  • Cost of labour 

  • Builder contact details 

  1. List of inputs needed 

  • Cost of each material 

  • Quantities of each material item 

  • Labour hours 

  • Client contact details 

  1. Actions needed to check the validity of inputs 

  • Cost of each material – positive number 

  • Quantities of each material item– positive number 

  • Labour hours – positive number 

  • Client contact details -


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