A useful analogy for Corporative Culture

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Culture Gurus: Schein and Handy.

What is Organisational Culture?

It is the self-sustaining patterns of behaving, feeling, thinking, and believing - that determines "how we do things around here."

  • Self-sustaining: because culture has inertia (resistence to change) - without a really strong and persistent force, it won't change course.
  • Pattterns: because it is ingrained, repetitive elememnts that make up culture.
  • Feeling, thinking and believing because both the emotional as well as the rational side matter.
  • Behaving: because what people feel, think, and believe is reflected in - and shaped by- their daily lives.

The two culture gurus include:

  • Ed Schein
  • Charles Handy

Ed Schien developed the Schein's Culture Triangle:

  • Artifacts represent symbols such as logos and prospectos for example a BSS, these are seen…


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