A) The reasons for the development and growth of ISKCON

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

  • ISKCON was founded in 1966 by Bhaktivedanta
  • Initially named Abhay Charan (meaning 'fearlessness at the feet of Krishna')
  • Parents adhered to Vaishnavism, as a result he primarily worshipped Vishnu in his early life
  • Received a Western education
  • In 1944, his first publication 'Back to Godhead' was released. This gained him a scholarship in 1947 and he earned the title 'Bhaktivedanta'
  • He commentated on and translated the Bhagavata Purana
  • He was told by his guru to prepare to take Krishna devotion to the West
  • He later settled in NYC and established a following among the young

Religious/ cultural reasons for the growth of ISKCON

  • Bhaktivedanta's personal charisma/ universal recognition as a true guru 
  • George Harrison (of the Beatles) support- recorded single 'Hare Krishna' and used the funds generated to convert a temple in London. This received media publicity and helped spread the message of Krishna consciousness
  • The 2 aims of the movement appeal to many:
  • 1. To bring the members together and nearer to Krishna
  • 2. To bring members together for the purpose of teaching…


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