A Model of Breakdown (Breakdown)

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A Model of Breakdown


> ROLLIE AND DUCK came up with this model.

> Step 1. Breakdown = Dissatisfaction with relationship (I can't stand this anymore).

> Step 2. Intrapsychic process = Social withdrawal; resentment, brooding on partner's faults & relational costs (I'd be justified in leaving).

> Step 3. Dyadic process =Uncertainty, anxiety, hostility & complaints - talk about relationship & reassessment of goals and commitments (I mean it).

> Step 4. Social process =Going public, seeking support from others (It's now inevitable).

> Step 5. Grave-dressing process =Tidying up memories, making relational histories, stories prepared & saving face (Time to get a new life).

> Step 6. Resurrection process = Recreating sense of…


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