A look into sociology


Sociology deals with human interactions, intentions, organizations and personal and group evaluations in complex social environments and relationships. If you take Sociology classes, you can be highly stimulated when you read quality custom essays that tell of the various intellectual constructs dealing with all of these relationships and connections, the men and women who thought of these constructs, the professors who teach you about them, and the people whom you take the classes with.

Probably my favorite concept in Sociology is Cognitive Dissonance, when what you are thinking and believing is contradicted by other competing thoughts and beliefs. You tell yourself, "Both of these competing ideas cannot be true, for they seem to portend of different and conflicting outcomes. Since they both cannot be true and coexist in a rational world, some other truth or truths must be out there to modify, explain and bring them together in a reasonable and comfortable way. After taking your Sociology classes, you can impress you brother or sister by telling them you are having Cognitive Dissonance about some issues. They could reply by saying, "Oh, you mean you are confused and a little miserable."People interact in a sociology class as they both learn and implement the theories and lessons taught by this science. Sociology’s theories and assertions are well played out among the people who study Sociology


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