A Level Psychology - Sampling

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A Level Psychology: Research Methods - Sampling:

Sampling Methods:

Target Population: The total group of individuals from which a sample may be drawn

  1. Random
  2. Opportunity
  3. Self-selecting
  4. Snowball

Random Sampling:

Every member of the population has an even chance of taking part

  • E.g. Drawing names from a hat

Positives of Random Sampling:

  • Provides and unbiased sample
  • Most representative

Negatives of Random Sampling:

  • Time consuming 
  • Often impossible 
  • Still have to ask the participants to take part for ethical reasons

Opportunity Sampling:

Anyone who is available at the time of your research

  • E.g. walking around school and asking the first 20 people you see to participate 

Positives of Opportunity Sampling:

  • Quick and


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