A Level PE -Stages of Learning

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PE A Level - Stages of Learning:

Fitts and Posner (1967) - 3 stages of Learning:

  1. Cognitive <- The beginning phase
  2. Associative <- Fault correct phase
  3. Autonomous <- The automatic phase 

Characteristics of a Cognitive Stage Learner:

  • People are new to the sports
  • Actions have to be thought about before they’re done
  • Mental image required 
  • Known as the ‘trial and error’ phase <- practise
  • Poor knowledge of sport/specific skill within the sport
  • Diet not really given much thought
  • Basic skill interpretation level
  • Lack of communication 
  • Can’t give intrinsic feedback
  • Lots of gross errors made <- could become demotivated

Primarily a stage of gaining information about the skill model and organising the cognitive processes to produce a movement as close the the desired movement as possible

Characteristics of an Autonomous Stage Learner:

  • Very few mistakes made <- would be minor
  • High intensity training
  • Determined
  • Good knowledge of sport/specific skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Trains often
  • Faster reaction time/decision making
  • Specific training programme
  • Skill specific training
  • Diet
  • Good leadership skills 
  • Can give intrinsic feedback

The Cognitive Stage:

  • Known as the ‘pre-practise phase’ 
  • Demonstrations are very important w/ verbal explanations
  • Visual guidance will help the learner develop a mental picture of the skill
  • Verbal/Visual Cues can be used to ensure correct sequencing of movement
  • Learner has a limited attention capacity so instructions are brief and to the point
  • Mechanical Guidance is used to allow the learner to develop correct positioning for the skill being learnt
  • Manuel Guidance used so that a coach can manipulate the learners limbs into the correct position
  • Extrinsic (positive) feedback is needed to help the learner stay motivated and progress to the associative stage
  • Extrinsic concurrent feedback (feedback received during performance) is useful at this stage, as being able to recall a previous


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