A Letter Home On Immigration To Britain During 1948-72

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Dear Mother,

I apologise for not writing to you or the family sooner but it has been a rough few months for me here in Britain. The Britain that I have been hearing about at home is definitely not the Britain I am experiencing currently. It is beyond my expectations but in a negative light. The weather is depressing  and grey and the area I live in is dull and lonely. The food is not any better either. And the 'wonderful' people that live in Britain are not very wonderful at all. 

Firstly, you would expect that when you are brought into a new country, they would provide you with your basic needs like a house but it has taken me weeks to find a decent living accomadation. Every house that I went too had the signs 'No Blacks, No Dogs' taped to the windows. Oh, how that angered me! So I decided to ask the building societies and the banks to provide me with some housing and maybe a loan or a mortgage. That turned out to be a very bad idea. Nearly all of them turned me away, claiming they have nothing at the moment but I can tell from the tone of voice, their looks that they were disgusted to see a black man walking into their workplace. But eventually, I was told about a man called Peter Rachman who was a landlord with over 100 properties. I thought to myself 'finally some luck'... how wrong I was. I found him and he gave me a house with no problem. I was overjoyed because it had been over 2 weeks of me desperately looking but when he showed the flat, my heart dropped. It was one of the worst flats I have seen in Britain. It was not clean at all, it was tiny and it looked like a dump. On top of the poor standards of the flat, my heart sank even more when he told me the price - £75 a week. £75! For a dump like this! I was going to complain but he said that he had to go somewhere and left. Left me in this rubbish bin. Good thing I didn't


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