A Christmas Carol: The Ghosts

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Marley's Ghost-

·         Scrooge's business partner that died 7 years ago.

·         He tells Scrooge that he constantly wanders and has no peace, and he is remorseful for all the wasted opportunities.

·         He is a device to move the plot forward

·         He warns Scrooge that he will be visited by three ghosts which means that Scrooge is aware and accepts them more easily

·         Shows Scrooge what could happen

·         Represents all rich people

·         He exists as a cautionary tale for Scrooge. His ghost is there to warn Scrooge what might happen to him if he doesn't change his miserly ways.

·         Only spirit who cares about Scrooge and doesn't want him to have to




Please finish it m8



Please finish it m8

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