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Hiya! This was a quote bank id been making for about a year using quotes i found online, on youtube, in class etc. i got an 8 overall in english lit and think these definietly helped me :) its very disorganised though so sorry abt that 


  • The book is an allegorical novella criticising Victorian Society and Scrooge is both an archetypal villan and moral teacher 
  • Scrooge represents the rich and the massive gap between the wealth of the rich and poverty of the poor 

Moral Lessons taught to us by scrooge
— purgatory : scrooge will end up in purgatory just like Marley did if he doesn’t change his ways

— the ability to change 

Scrooge was Marleys “sole executor, sole administrator, sole assign, sole residuary legatee, sole friend and sole mourner’ 

— repetition of adjective sole, over the top repetition for an over the top villain

— shows us the solidarity of both men
— homophone for soul — for a Christian audience, what Jesus would do, some likeness to scrooge

‘squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner”
— squeezes resources out of the poor and defies morality
— dislike for him
— asyndetic list
— exaggeration, comical, pantomime villan  

“hard and sharp as flint”
— adjective hard shows his lack of empathy and warmth
— sharp suggest pain, showing a merciless side to scrooge
— simile / contrast w flint suggest that there is a possibility that scrooge could change
— initially hard but the ability to produce a spark 

“solitary as an oyster”
— suggests that scrooge is tough and cold with a hard exterior, unwilling to open up to others
— simile  emphasises his choice to isolate himself
— scrooge is presented as misanthropic
— epitomises the protagonist as someone who craves seclusion
— scrooge is an oyster, he grew his hard shell over time then it is forced open by the ghosts hinting that there may be more inside scrooge then is know to himself and the reader, when you forcefully open an oyster you are greeted with a glamorous pearl, when you force open scrooge there could also be something worthwhile to be found within himself. Foreshadowing the future change.

“the cold with in him froze his old features” “external heat and cold had little influence on scrooge. No warmth could warm him, no wintry weather chill him”
— lexical field of being compared to weather
— shows his emotionless exterior, interior and cold nature
— repetition of mentions of the cold weather reinforces his harsh views and cruel views to the poor

pathetic fallacy showing scrooge’s change
stave one the weather is “foggier yet, and colder. Piercing, searching, biting cold."
stave five the weather is “no fog, no mist; clear, bright, jovial.” And there is “golden sunlight"
— the juxtaposition shows the change and growth in scrooge
— transformative impact

“solitary child, neglected by his friends"
— position of neglected by friends after child allows the reader to gain compassion




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