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Chapter 1: The Brush by the Salinas River 
Possible exam question: Comment on the significance of the opening chapter and the extent to which it prepares us for the rest of the novel. 
• Near Soledad – means loneliness in Spanishforeshadows key theme in novel

• Vivid colours - peaceful, heavenly, idyllic setting –like Garden of Eden - snake

• Pathetic fallacy used to create a positive, harmonious mood

‘a path beaten hard by boys’ implies violence, predatory nature of man • Sense of invasion when people arrive

• Rabbits at peace with nature

Ominous   - something bad might happen 

How are George and Lennie described
• George is ‘small and quick…’we are given the impression that he is almost mouse-like –link to ‘mice’ in title

• Lennie ‘snorted into the water like a horse…’animal imagery –implies carelessness –ominous – he is simple -it will be the reason they get into trouble later in novel

• “Lennie dabbled his big paw” – animal imagery - referred to as a bear, suggests his size, his movements, unrefined, simplicity of thoughts, clumsy, adorable yet aggressive, foreshadowing later danger – also like the bear hunting for fish. (see similes of Curley & wife)

• The characters  contrast through size: “Behind him walked his opposite”; mouse and bear…


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